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  • e-Library New Releases September 2022
  • Majlis Pelantikan Pengawas Pusat Sumber SMKDJ 2021
  • e-Library New Releases
    Attached below are the latest additions to our E-Library so do check them out to earn your NILAM Points by submitting your report in the NILAM Google Classroom! Link to e-Library: Are you still confused about how to log in to the E-library portal? Here’s a guide for you! Still can’t log in? Kindly
  • Minggu Pusat Sumber 2021
    Due to the unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to organize Minggu Pusat Sumber (MPS) online this year! The theme of this year’s MPS is “Explore European Mythology”. You will get to enjoy interesting performances and presentations about various mythologies. This event is officiated by the Principal of SMKDJ, Encik Ahmad Ezzat

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Leadership Camp

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One Day Camp

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Minggu Pusat Sumber (MPS)

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