• Upgrading of ICT Infrastructure
    The existing computer network infrastructure in SMKDJ is almost 12 years old. We have legacy equipment from even when the school was first established. As part of the improvement program in 2020, PIBG together with volunteer parents and teachers have embarked on a modernisation program to bring up the school to the new digital age.
  • Upgrading of the school hall
    One of the important projects taken up by the PIBG was to upgrade the Dewan Sekolah. Besides a new coat of paint, the new hall will be fully air-conditioned, with brighter lighting and new furnishing. The electricals will be upgraded and there will be WIFI connectivity throughout.
  • Guide to WIFI @ DJ
    Great news ! Took us awhile, but we now have school wide access to WIFI ! For all Admin and Academic staff, you will be given a new SSID ( smkdj ) and password. For students and visitors, you can register with our Guest WIFI y5@smkdj. Register using your email address and enjoy free wireless
  • Majlis Pelancaran Papan Tanda ‘We Love SMKDJ’ – Tajaan Sunway TES
    Majlis Pelancaran Papan Tanda We Love ???? SMKDJ, tajaan Sunway TES. Majlis ini disempurnakan oleh Encik Teo Ee Sing, Executive Director Sunway TES pada 28 Februari 2020
  • ICT-THON 2018
    Karnival ICT-Thon telah diadakan pada 11 Ogos 2018 di SMK Damansara Jaya. Objektif Karnival ICT-Thon SMKDJ 2018: Menggantikan 40 buah komputer lama yang tidak dapat menampung keperluan semasa yang lebih canggih bagi membantu pengajaran dan pembelajaran Komputer Sains (SPM) dan Asas Sains Komputer (Ting. 1, 2, 3). Menyediakan awning dan penutup longkang di kawasan sekolah